Today, it seems like there is always some new truck accessory or piece of equipment that offers you a ton of benefits for a low price. While a lot of them seem too good to be true or almost pointless, there are a few items that every truck owner should have. With so many ways to improve the looks and functionality of your truck’s bed, you might not have thought too hard about a tonneau cover, even though there are many great reasons to purchase one. Read on to learn about why a tonneau cover is an excellent addition to any truck and then give us a call at Safari Truck & SUV Accessories in Jacksonville. We can provide you with a quote on a new tonneau cover.

If you want to protect your truck even more, a Line-X bed liner is the best way to do it. Using a revolutionary formula, the protective qualities offered by a Line-X bed liner are almost too numerous to list. They resist cracking, chipping, denting, and staining, they protect your bed from rust, and they will make your truck look very stylish. If you would like to find out more information about Line-X bed liners, ask us about them when you call for a tonneau cover!

Protect Your Tools

If you use your truck for work, chances are good that you always have a lot of tools in the bed. While easy access to your tools when you’re on a site is important, you need to consider all of the times when your truck is out of your sight. Leaving your truck to run into a store or if you’re on a different part of a site can leave your tools out in the open.

A bed cover stops people from snatching whatever they want out of the bed of your truck while still allowing you to bring your tools or other equipment with you. It can also protect your outdoor gear when you’re spending time in the wilderness!

Improve Your Gas Mileage

Whether you choose a roll-up or a hard tonneau cover, you will notice an improvement in your gas mileage. Trucks are great for many things, but the design of the bed creates a lot of drag that can sink your miles-per-gallon. A tonneau cover cuts that drag down to negligible levels, which prevents your engine from having to work as hard, thereby improving your mileage!

In addition to protecting your tools and helping you get more miles-per-gallon, a tonneau cover is also a great way to add a little extra style to your truck. With a number of different materials and colors, you can find a cover that is a perfect accent or contrast to the rest of your truck.

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