A spray-in bedliner from Line-X installed by the authorized and trained experts at Safari Truck & SUV in Jacksonville is the best way to protect your truck bed from scratches and rusting while also adding some style. Learn more about how a spray-in bedliner from Line-X can protect your truck, and then give us a call to schedule an appointment to have a super-tough bedliner installed in your truck!

When you’re searching for a company that knows how to help you protect your truck, look no further than Safari Truck & SUV. We have the experience and skills needed to make sure that every job we do, whether it’s installing a new bedliner or adding grill guards or nerf bars to your SUV or truck. We offer free estimates, so please contact us to find out what we can do for you!

Protect Your Bed From Scratches

Here are just a few of the ways that a Line-X bedliner can help protect your truck:

The textured surface prevents cargo from sliding around. Unsecured cargo can leave unsightly scratches on the surface of your truck’s bed, but worse are the dents that cargo can leave in the bed. With a Line-X bedliner, your gear will stay put better than it would in an unlined bed, and it won’t get scratched up! (We do recommend tying down your cargo, no matter what kind of bed you have.)

Carry rocks, sand, or tools without scraping up your bed. Having a truck is great for those projects around the house or the jobsite that require you to haul materials. What isn’t great is spending twenty minutes at the home improvement store and having to look at ugly scratches in the bed of your truck for the next few years. A bedliner eliminates that problem!

We can spray your tailgate and the top sides of the bed for protection during loading. Even when we’re trying to be careful as we load up our trucks, sometimes accidents happen. Don’t let a little accident be the reason that you have to stare at a horrible mess of scratches along the top of your bed or on your tailgate: have a Line-X spray-in bedliner installed and don’t worry about scratches and ugly damage anymore!

Stop Your Bed From Rusting

Spray-in bedliners form a watertight seal that prevents moisture from getting onto the metal of your truck bed. Moisture can wreak havoc on your bed, especially if the paint has already been scraped off.

Even More Reasons a Spray-In Bedliner is Better!

  • If the bed gets dirty, just hose it off! Even a pressure washer can’t get through the ultra-tough Line-X bedliner!
  • Spray-in bedliners last longer than a drop-in, and the fit is always perfect.
  • A Line-X bedliner installed by the pros at Safari Truck & SUV won’t break like cheap drop-in bedliners.
  • With Line-X protective coatings, we can protect any other part of your truck, too!

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to protect your truck or SUV from damage with the help of Line-X.