Owning a truck is one of life’s great pleasures because they offer you the ability to go almost anywhere and do almost anything. But owning a truck can also be a frustrating experience when you realize that most truck makers seem to be at odds with themselves about what they’re trying to focus on. Is your truck a 100 percent rugged machine designed for work or a smooth-driving family vehicle for occasional towing? According to most manufacturers, their trucks are both, even though we know that there has to be a sacrifice on one side or the other.

A truck can’t just be a piece of eye candy that lets you ride higher around town and a super-tough off-roading workhorse, and here’s the proof: most trucks don’t come from the factory with a high-quality, spray-in bed liner. Instead, new trucks arrive at dealerships with shining, freshly painted beds that aren’t good for anything but looks. It seems like manufacturers are prioritizing looks over usefulness, which isn’t good if you use your truck for hauling anything or if you keep your tools back there.

Luckily, at Safari Truck in Jacksonville, we’re a certified Line-X installer and we can transform your truck into the tough, go-anywhere work machine that you need it to be, while also keeping it looking great. A spray-in bed liner protects your truck’s bed from scratches and damage, and it looks great! Contact us today to find out when we can install a new bed liner for you, or read on for a couple reasons why a spray-in bed liner is a must for any truck.

Spray-In Bed Liners Protect Your Bed

It can be hard when you get that first scratch in the bed of your new truck. You probably even went so far as to put off using it for as long as you could just to avoid it. In order to avoid the first-scratch blues, just bring your truck into Line-X Safari Truck right away and have us install a new bed liner before you have to lament what was once a perfect bed. With a Line-X bed liner, not only will the liner not scratch, it will last for as long as you have your truck. You’ll never have to worry about scratching or denting the bed because it’s protected by an ultra-tough coating that perfectly fits the bed of your truck.

Spray-In Bed Liners Look Great

The nice thing about a black bed liner is that it’s the color that goes with everything! In addition to protecting your bed from damage, it also presents a nice contrasting color to the rest of your truck. It’s also great to be able to open your tailgate and not see any scratched up surfaces and instead just see a wide open field of perfectly uniform black bed liner.

There’s really no good reason to not get a bed liner, and tons of reasons to have one installed by Safari Truck in Jacksonville, today! We’re an authorized Line-X installer, so you know that you’ll get a quality product that makes your bed tougher and keeps it looking great. Call us today to find out when we can install your new spray-in bed liner!